Starting, again but missing some stuff...

12-10-2018 à 14:28:38
Bonjour à tous les joueurs d'ALKEMY,

I did play the game already a couple of years ago, painted some miniatures and played a couple of games before the game got burried somewhere deep in my collection. A couple of days ago I just stumbled over my Alkemy collection again and want to give it another try.
This time I want to try your BLITZ format and did find the updated rulebook already. What I do miss though is the updated profile cards or at least the current stats to play the game. The online tool Architekt seems to be non operational, is there an alternative?

Let´s hope to get some drive into the game outside of France
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12-10-2018 à 15:46:37
Hello Gecko. Welcome
Yes, architekt is down now, we've working actually to restore it.

Unfortunately, we don't have another way to see profile card
Thank you for your patience
14-10-2018 à 18:51:34
Well then I will have to wait. Hopefully you will habe the issues fixed till CRISIS in Antwerp, I want to have a closer look at the new stuff you released and the new rules.
One of the reason is that I am still looking for a gamesystem to present during the upcoming year of wargaming Conventions. Alkemy is a viable option and we will see!
15-10-2018 à 09:22:23
I hope architekt will work this week.
I will be at Crisis. We can talk if you want. I don't always understand what someone explains to me in English (I sometimes even have trouble in French :-) ), but I'll do my best.
23-07-2019 à 19:25:05
Architekt works until end of november 2018 if you have activated the notification by mail you'll be informed :)

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