CM19-20 september: results to post

28-08-2019 à 16:57:22
It starts again this weekend from Sunday, but you can of course already start :-)

The scenarios for the month of September are:
- chests (blitz, origin and multi)
- Market of the horn (blitz, origin and multi)
- the sandman (blitz and origin)
* To play in origin, play on a surface of 36x36 inches, it recommends 280 points of miniatures with 2 heroes (but you can also play 300). For the scenario, take the Blitz scenario and multiply the dimensions by 1.5
You can see and download the scenarios here:

You can play as many times as you want, your scores will be taken into account each time. You have 2 possibilities to play the chronicles: with or without the challenge sheet

If you play without the challenge sheet, play your game and post the result on this topic indicating:
- the players' nicks
- the factions played
- the scenario (s) played
- the scores
Example: scenario the jin posts, Camthalion (Avalon) wins 3 to 0 against Nicoleblond (Triad)

If you play with the challenge sheet, download the challenge sheet:
Keep it close to you during the game and I advise you to keep track of what you are doing.

1) During the game, note the "party challenges" (if your alchemist launches a formula, if you play a parry CC, etc.)

2) At the end of the game, in "scenario challenge", the player who won the game wins 100 points (or 40 points for the 2 players if there is a tie) + points according to the number of rounds play.

3) For the scenario points, you have to use the strange table at the bottom of the sheet :-). On the Jin post scenario, the maximum Victory Points (VP) are 3 VPs. So, you take the very last line. The player who scored 3 VP looks at the rightmost line in box 3, up the line to the top, and reaches box 100. He gains 100 points. If a player scores 1 VP, he scores 35 points. You put these points in "victory points of the scenario"

4) Add all of your points to your column, and it gives you the "cumulative total of points".

Post the result on this subject indicating:
- the players' nicks
- the factions played
- the scenario (s) played
- the scores
Example: scenario Jin post, Camthalion (Avalon) wins 275 points to 45 points against Nicoleblond (Triad)

Good game everyone
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